Introduction to Interpretation of Statutes ( Paperback)

Author:  Avtar Singh,
Harpreet Kaur

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Publisher:  Lexis Nexis
Year of Publication:  2014
ISBN - 13: 9789351431640
ISBN - 10: 9351431649
Number of pages: 363
Category: Law
Type of Binding: Paperback
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Description: The rules of interpretation are drawn from the general scope and intention of the instrument or legislation, from the nature of the transaction or the circumstances, from the legal rights of the parties independent of the instrument or law in question, and from many other relevant particulars. Interpretation is the process which is adopted for determination of the meaning of a writing, to determine from its known elements its true meaning or the intent of the framers of the documents. It is the art of finding out the true sense of any form of words, the sense which their author intended to convey. This art enables others to derive from the words the same idea which the author intended to convey and thereby to find out or collect the intention of a writer. The process involved is such that one source speaks something and another source picks it up, discovers its meaning and applies it to do justice between others. It is not a science but an art to find out the meaning of words in the context of a given situation. It is to this field of art that the present study is dedicated to enable those who are interested in knowing the elements of the subject.

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