Novel and Conventional Methods of Audit, Investigation and Fraud Derection ( Hardcover)

Author:  Chetan Dalal

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Publisher:  CCH - A Wolters Kluwer Business
Year of Publication:  2015
ISBN - 13: 9789351295150
ISBN - 10: 93512951510
Number of pages: 848
Category: Forensic Science
Type of Binding: Hardcover
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Description: Novel and Conventional Methods of Audit, Investigation and Fraud Detection offers an insightful and descriptive account of the frauds and accounting irregularities and methodologies to detect them by using combination of novel and conventional audit approaches. The objective of this book is to provide practical approach for investigation to auditors and person entrusted with the task of investing white collar crimes. It deals in detail with warning bells, forensic testing and investigation methods. This book would be useful for auditors, management, investigators and also those in finance and operations at a decision making level. It provides insights into very advanced approaches and techniques in a simple manner. This book is entirely practical. Every concept, every technique and approach is backed up by a case study adapted from experiences of the author and other contributors who are all eminent experts in this world of forensic accounting and fraud investigations. Digital forensics and computer related fraud, have been discussed in reasonable depth. The material in the third edition has been updated further to make it more relevant in the current date. Areas such as handwriting, signature verification have been also briefly covered. This book also has the star trek type of approach. Methods using Luhns algorithm, tiger team tests, barium test, Juxtaposition tests are methods which are novel in the world of investigation. Green flags, juxtaposition test, boomerang fraud are concepts coined and introduced by the author. These have helped the author in investigating many fraud investigations in his career of over 32 years as a professional. In the third edition, a lot of emphasis has been placed on advanced techniques. In particular juxtaposition testing has been illustrated with many examples and even pictures. Email dump analysis and desktop investigations have been also introduced to illustrate investigating in the modern email and internet environment. Changes in the Companies Act relevant to fraud reporting, and refinements in various chapters to include new case studies have been made. A detailed case study in fitness industry, and some useful tips in investigating in an ERP environment are the other new notable additions.

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