Tales of the Bench and the Bar ( Hardcover)

Author:  V J Taraporevala

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Publisher:  Thomson Reuters
Year of Publication:  2016
ISBN - 13: 9789384746612
ISBN - 10: 9384746614
Number of pages: 184
Category: General
Type of Binding: Hardcover
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Description: This book was well received and commended by the legal professionals as well as by the lay public. This edition begins by explaining the origin of the word Bench as to how the newly appointed Judge sat on a wide Bench on his first sitting with his family members and friends while a welcome address was offered by the lawyers. The word Bar has its origin in a regular Bar which divided the sitting arrangement between Judges and Lawyers. It continues with stories set up as a group under distinct titles of the chapters. For example, it has a chapter on humour in court. One witness who was evidently throughout his deposition prevaricating and was admonished by the court protested by saying "But My Lord I was wedded to truth". The Judge queried, when did you become a 'divorcee?'. It has chapters on courageous lawyers, as also lawyers who were known for their quick wit. It has stories about destiny. It tells us how Nani Palkhivala, (described by C.K. Daphtary as one in a century) chose the legal profession just because in the first instance he was not appointed as professor of English in the University of Bombay, though he was best qualified for the post. In the present second edition there are over twenty-five more stories.

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