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Article 12, Meaning, Scope, and Emerging Judicial Trends

Article 12, Meaning, Scope, and Emerging Judicial Trends

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Author: Yogesh Pratap Singh
Year: 2020

This well-researched work provides an exposition of the judicial interpretation of the concept of “State” in Article 12 of the Indian Constitution. The work gives an in depth insight of the term “State”. The book contains a wealth of information and provides some solutions to vital questions on the concept of ‘State’.

The present work fulfils the void of scholarly literature in this pressing area. The book is a valuable contribution to Indian constitutional literature and a work par excellence. The work is divided into 9 chapters.

Special features:
*Provides a thorough and critical analysis of judicial discourse and literature on ‘State’.
*Addresses the issue with admirable meticulousness and conceptual clarity.
*The work focuses more onwhat the State implies rather than what it is.
*Author has discussed various types of the Constitutions such as nomadic, nominal and semantic.
*Discusses other pertinent and emerging issues other than fundamental rights and directive principles.
*After a thorough and critical historical examination of the British and US position, the author has made successful attempt to examine the judicial response to the concept of “State” under Indian Constitution.
*This is the only available research work on the subject.

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