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Bank Frauds – Prevention and Detection, (Also includes Computer and Credit Card Crimes)

Bank Frauds – Prevention and Detection, (Also includes Computer and Credit Card Crimes)

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Author: B.R Sharma
Year: 2016

Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection, in its IV Avatar, is a discourse on Bank Frauds: their commission, prevention, detection, investigation and handling, Bank Frauds have not only increased tremendously in recent years but have also become high tech, thanks to electonic banking. This Edition is an effort to provide defence against the scourge. It is author`s firm belief that the knowledge about the various aspects discussed can go a long way to met the challenges of the new generation of bank fraud masters. Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection`s last edtion, was published in 2009. Tremendous changes in banking system have taken place since. The online banking, the Internet banking, the mobile banking, with the harnessing of Computers Laptops, Smart Phones, the Credit Cards, the ATMs have overwhelmed the industry and has affected all the professionals inovolved. There is no book on the subject, to meet the onslaught of the new fraudster. The present work strives to meet the current and emerging needs of the involved professionals and others. Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection, in the new Edition, incorporates the latest developments in the field. Eight new chapters, in about 250 pages, have been added to cover the advancing fronts in banking and in handling bank frauds. The new Edition of the book bids to assist all concerned to handle their task effectively and efficiently. Bank Frauds Prevention & Detection discusses the entire gambit of bank frauds in its thirty-six chapters including the relevant law and Case Laws. Important Supreme Court cases, relevant to the contents of the chapters, have also been given as appendices to the corresponding chapters. Thus, the book is an encyclopaedic comprehensive monograph on Bank Frauds to all, pestered by the scourge.

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