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Banking And Negotiable Instruments Law And Practice

Banking And Negotiable Instruments Law And Practice

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Author: P. Vasantha Kumar

Year: 2020

The learned author has written the book with the objective to make the non-law and non-commerce readers grasp the subject-matter with ease. A thorough and up-to-date exposition of the law and practice of banking. The author has put forth in this work, his intense and deep study of the subject of Banking Law and his 30 years of experience in banking industry.

 The book is divided into nine parts. The author has used short sentences, brief paragraphs and numbered lists to highlight key points for more comprehensive and complete understanding of the subject-matter.

Notable features include:

  1. Discusses at length banking law’s interaction with FEMA and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law in separate chapters.
  2. Important topics of Customer Service, KYC, Negotiable Instruments and Payment Systems are discussed in detail.
  3. Discusses the details regarding RBI regulations on FEMA, 1999.
  4. The topic of “Operational Risk” is explained in detail with examples.
  5. Details of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Banking Regulation Act, 1949 has been discussed in separate chapters.
  6. Provides paraphrased Court rulings for easy understanding of law points.
  7. Written in simple and lucid manner.
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