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Binding Law under the Income tax Act, 1961

Binding Law under the Income tax Act, 1961

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Author: Ruchesh Sinha & Suresh Wadhwa

Year: 2022

Releasing February 2022

The book gives you a deep insight of the three phenomenal issues of the income tax viz.

(a) Reassessment(s)
(b) Income Tax Settlement Commission and
(c) Prosecution(s) arising under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

In the book, the ratio decidendi extracted from various judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, analyzing the same under, key-words, facts of the case, stating the observation of the Court, the principles that emerge, followed by authors note, has been promulgated from a reader prospective based on the principles of ‘separating grain from chaff’.

Besides referring to the relevant section(s), the realistic steps involved in each process are enumerated. This gives the reader a complete command on the subject. The book shall be useful to the professionals at large (starting from budding stage to established professionals), to Hon’ble persons of Judiciary, to persons of Revenue, tax payers, etc., to get a holistic view of the above three issues, as the view of the Hon’ble Supreme Court is ‘binding’.

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