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Compendium Of Drafts Of Employment Appointment Letters

Compendium Of Drafts Of Employment Appointment Letters

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Author: Som Nath Munjal & Saurabh Munjal

Year: 2021

This all-inclusive, well delved into book is a one stop solution pertaining to the drafting nightmares of the legal professionals, HR professionals and the students. The book has been so designed that it caters to their everyday requirements. With an aim to be a remedy to all the possible pitfalls while drafting the contracts, service rules, appointment letters etc., this book is extensive but to the point.

The language is coherent and well suited to the content of the book. Measures have been taken to carefully examine and include all the important points while drafting the samples for the reference of the readers. A large numbers of sample drafts included in the book make the day to day working of the professionals easy and hassle free. All in all, it is a go to book for professionals in search of a scrupulous yet relevantly put together book of draft appointment letters and service rules. “the book stands true to its name”.

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