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Handbook on Securities Laws

Handbook on Securities Laws

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Author: Gaurav Pingle
Year: 2021

'Securities Law' is not independent topic in itself and to understand the subject, the student or professional should be aware of some basic and important corporate law concepts e.g. company, types of companies (private company / public company), members /shareholders, shares, debentures, voting rights, listing of shares, prospectus, stock exchange, rights and obligations of shareholders and directors, etc.

Handbook on Securities Laws cover these concepts in detail along with discussion on every section/clause of some important legislations like SEBI Act, 1992, Depositories Act, 1996 and Securities (Contract) Regulation Act, 1956. Wherever necessary, reference to the relevant provisions of the Companies Act and Rules, Rules and Regulations made under respective Acts and also SEBI's Annual Report has been given.

Some of the key points and issues like powers of SEBI, penalty and adjudication under SEBI Act, UPSI and its materiality, etc. are discussed in the light of latest judgments of the Court or Tribunals.

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