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Key to Criminal Court Practice & Procedures

Key to Criminal Court Practice & Procedures

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Author: Narender Kumar
Year: 2021

This book is a detailed compilation of the myriad procedures and practices fundamental to criminal law. In order to render a comprehensive and a broad perspective of the concerned subject, the book elucidates basic procedural aspects of criminal court practice and their probable remedies. This book will be an asset to every reader who cannot comprehend complex legal provisions.

Key features of this edition:

  • Contents have been illustrated in a simplified manner, making interpretation of provisions easy for the reader
  • Incorporates basic procedural aspects of criminal court practice and their probable remedies
  • Provides comprehensive theory and in-depth knowledge on the procedure and rules followed on the criminal side of the litigation

New to this edition:

  • Legislative changes and developments that have taken place post the publishing of last edition have been effectively captured at relevant places.
  • Supreme Court and High Court judgments have been incorporated
  • Chapter pertaining to general provisions on issuance and execution of search warrants so as to recover stolen property, forged documents, and objectionable articles has been inserted
  • To explain to the reader, the procedure for trial of a case before Court of Session, of a warrant case on police report and a warrant case on a complaint, of a summons case, and a summary trial, special chapters have been introduced in this edition
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