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Lloyd's - Introduction to Jurisprudence

Lloyd's - Introduction to Jurisprudence

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Author: Michael Freeman
Year: 2020
Indian Reprint

Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence is the leading textbook on jurisprudence in the English-speaking world, covering the whole field of jurisprudence.

Combines an authoritative text with extracts from a huge variety of authors, extracting the works of more than a hundred jurists
Gives critical insight into the texts with detailed and well-documented introductory sections
Examines the contributions made to legal theory by leading jurists from the Ancient Greeks to the postmodernists
Covers Aristotle, Raz, Habermas, Unger, Coleman, Perry, Kramer, Nelken and Iris Marion Young
Contains a new chapter on Ronald Dworkin, analysing his work
Places emphasis on Hart, particularly the “Postscript” and the commentary this has provoked
Provides more references to contemporary debates e.g. positivism v natural law
Offers a fuller discussion of justice, including global justice

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