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Outlines of Indian Legal and Constitutional History

Outlines of Indian Legal and Constitutional History

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Author: M P Jain

Year: 2022

#Outlines of #Indian #Legal & #Constitutional #History is a classic text authored by Professor MP #Jain, one of the founders of the modern Indian legal education and research. For many years, Professor M P Jain’s books and other writings on Indian legal history have been prescribed texts for students of law. The present (eighth) edition of this book has been written in narrative form and in an accessible style.

Indian legal history stretches back at least 5000 years from what has thus far been studied, comprising the Hindu and the Muslim periods, and then the British, each of these early periods having had a distinctive legal system of its own. However, many of the legal institutions in the present day have originated and evolved during the British period, starting in the year 1600 and reformed in modern days. This book contains a concise, coordinated, integrated and coherent account of the important phases of the development and reforms of legal institutions in India• A concise yet comprehensive account of Indian legal history

Key Features:

  • Contains various chapters on modern judicial system, from Privy Council to Supreme Court, high courts, development of law, personal laws, codification, law reform, law reporting and legal profession, legal education, development of constitutional law, criminal law, development of civil law, etc. with reference to case law and exhaustive commentary
  • Present edition has been thoroughly updated and revised with contemporary developments, recent amendments, and important case law
  • Essential reference aid for law students, researchers, academicians, judges, advocates, and people preparing for competitive examinations.


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