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Police Investigation Compendium

Police Investigation Compendium

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Author: CH. Malhal Rao and N. Aravind Prasad 
Year: 2021-Reprint-2022

All investigation process, Investigation of Certain Specific Type of Offences, SOPs in Several cases

The primary object of this book is to provide suggestions, information, instructions, as a learning process and procedure for young police officers in the entire process of investigation and this book works as a practical handbook for Young Investigating Officer’s. The Part–I of the book explains about “The Process of Investigation” i.e. from commencement of investigation to conclusion of investigation and other relevant connected topics related to process of investigation. The Part–II of the book deals with “Investigation of Specific Offences and Organised crimes” like Dowry death, SC and ST’s (PoA) Act, Cyber Crimes, POCSO Act, JJ Act, Human Trafficking, Drug trafficking, Money laundering, Hawala and others cases. The Part–III of the book exclusively deals with “The Standard Operating Procedures” (SOP’s) and Practical guidelines in respect of Investigation of several types of cases. “SOP” is a comprehensive reference document to enable the police officers to deal more effectively in the investigation of cases. The SOPs in respect of investigation of cases Homicide, Dacoit, rape, Automobile crash, kidnap/abduction, burglary, snatching, cheating, etc. are provided. Supreme Court Guidelines and several Judgements are incorporated in this book. Required Integrated investigation forms (IIFs) are also included in respective places.

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