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Students Handbook On Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation

Students Handbook On Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation

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Author: CA B. Saravana Prasath

Year: 2022

This Edition of Students Handbook on Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation For Paper-5 CA Final New Syllabus comes to you with the following special features & highlights

  • New Syllabus Full Coverage: Entire Requirements of New Syllabus has been organized into appropriate Chapters, for ease of study, preparation and revision. Past Main Exam and RTP Questions are given, classified into appropriate Chapters
  • Student-Friendly Format: All principles! Procedures! techniques/ concepts and ideas have been arranged neatly in an easy to-read format, so that the student can correlate the Questions with the Answers, more easily in the examinations.
  • Presentation: More Charts, Diagrams, Graphs and Practical Examples have been provided at appropriate places to clarify the Concepts. A Chapter Overview is given in the beginning of each Chapter, to provide a bird s eye view of the topics discussed in the Chapter, and also for rapid revision, a day before the exams.
  • Illustrations: About 500 Practical Concept Illustrations have been incorporated along with detailed Working Notes and Alternative Solutions, wherever applicable
  • Fast Track Referencer  For Quick Revision of all the Chapters, and to remember important Formulae, Principles and Concepts
  • Case Study: Case Studies have been added in every Chapter, relevant to various issues

This Book and its Editions have been possible only due to the constant motivation and support Provided by Shri G Sekar, FCA, and also the timely and quality-oriented assistance provided by An excellent team of Students, Academicians and Professionals. My sincere thanks to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for their permission to use questions from previous examinations and Revision Test Papers (RTP)

Highlights of this Book

  • Full Coverage of New Syllabus in Student-friendly style.
  • Concept Clarification through Charts & Graphs.
  • About 500 Practical Concept Illustrations with Full Workings.
  • Past Main Exams and RTPs Questions included.
  • Fast Track Referencer of Formulae & Concepts.
  • Chapter Overview for Easy navigation of topics


  1. Basics of Strategic Cost Management
  2. Value Chain Analysis
  3. Quality Management
  4. Theory of Constraints
  5. Lean System
  6. Just in Time
  7. Target Costing and Cost Reduction Aspects
  8. Life Cycle Costing
  9. CVP Analysis & Decision-making
  10. Relevant Cost Analysis
  11. Pricing Strategies and Decisions
  12. Performance Measurement
  13. Transfer Pricing
  14. Strategic Analysis of Operating Income
  15. Budgetary Control
  16. Standard Costing & Variance Analysis
  17. Linear Programming
  18. Learning Curve
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