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Supreme Court Yearly Digest 2020

Supreme Court Yearly Digest 2020

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Author: Surendra Malik and Sudeep Mali
Year: 2021

This year’s SCYD covers 18 volumes of Supreme Court Cases, as per details given below.

SCYD 2020 covers case law of 18 volumes of SCC (as reported in SCC 2020 Volumes 1 to 16, SCC 2019 Volumes 17 and 18)


  • Common Law Digest section now contains digest notes of The Law Reports and The Weekly Law Reports.
  • Cross-citations of AIR, ITR, Comp Cas, ELT, CriLJ, AIC, LLN, FLR, SLR, etc.
  • Additional feature of Notable Excerpts, List of Articles and List of Acts of Parliament.
  • Superior printing on bible paper and beautiful get-up.

Key Points:

  • An analytical, systematic and comprehensive Yearly Digest with multiple cross references, comparative citation tables and extensive cross citations of all important journals.
  • Table of Overruled, Reversed and Followed, etc. Cases which lead to the latest cases of 2020 from any known earlier case.
  • Bench strength and Coram details help assess relative strengths of the ruling.
  • SCYD is the only answer to quick, effortless and accurate search for precedents.
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