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Syed Mahmood - Colonial India's Dissenting Judge

Syed Mahmood - Colonial India's Dissenting Judge

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Author: Mohammad Nasir , Samreen Ahmed

Year: 2022

At a time when ordinary courage has become rare, one has to look up to the lives of those who stood for dissent in the colonial era. Back in the 19th century, Justice Syed Mahmood, son of the great social reformer Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, became the first judge to resist colonial power by espousing the cause of judicial independence. At the age of just 32, he not only remains the youngest, but also the first Indian Muslim and first north Indian to be appointed as a High Court judge in India. Endowed with a judicial acuity ahead of his times, a number of his dissents were later accepted by the courts, and continue to be the law. This book chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of Syed Mahmoods life, and his contribution in shaping the consciousness of post 1857 India. With an impressive array of research, perception and analysis, the book succeeds in exhuming a seminal figure from the dust of history, and showcases the past speaking to the present.

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