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Tales of the Bench and the Bar

Tales of the Bench and the Bar

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Author: V J Taraporevala

This is a book on Tales of the Bench and the Bar by V J Taraporevala, Thomson Reuters, 

Contents of the Book:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Bench and the Bar
  3. Bound and Rebound
  4. Humour in Court
  5. Chambers
  6. Witnesses and Cross-Examination
  7. Chance & Destiny
  8. Fearless and Courageous
  9. On Government, Courts and Lawyers
  10. Judges
  11. Judges, Litigants and Litigation
  12. Lawyers
  13. Cricket, The mombay Bench and the Bar
  14. Nostalgic Indulgences
  15. A Recent Memory
  16. Bibliography

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