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Absolute Guilt

Writing Instruments for Lawyers and Law Professionals.

Writing Instruments for Lawyers and Law Professionals.

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Special Limited Edition Pens - Combo Offer

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Roller Pen:

Fountain Pen:

Pens are not just writing instruments but they bring you the power to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

We at Absolute Guilt introduce a special limited editions Fountain Pens and a Roller Pen just for Lawyers and Law Professionals.

Roller Pen : This matte black finish roller pen has Law Doodles printed on its Cap. 
Fountain Pen: This matte black finish fountain pen has a Medium Nib with a Magnetic cap which has a Scale of Justice emphaised on the top of the cap.

This pen will make a very unique gifting option for yourself, your professional colleagues and Law Students as well.

The Pen design is licensed by Absolute Guilt to be manufactured under special arrangement with Submarine Pens who are one of the leading manufacture and exporter of pens in India.

*Designs and Concepts are Trademark and Copyright of Absolute Guilt.


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