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Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

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Author: Mamta Rao
Year: 2021

The second edition of Mamta Rao’s Constitutional Law has been thoroughly revised with the latest constitutional amendments and case laws. Since the publication of the first edition India has witnessed historic developments in the field of constitutional law. This new edition incorporates the various judgments of the Supreme Court that have given a new dimension to the concept of liberty, equality and religious freedom on one hand and some long drawn disputes have been put to rest on the other hand. Apart from all the case laws, the constitutional amendments have been incorporated in this edition.

The key features of the latest edition are:

Key cases, definitions and points have been given in the margins for emphasis and easy reference by students and faculty.
Includes the latest constitutional amendments: 99th Amendment Act, 2014, 100th Amendment Act, 2015, 101st Amendment Act, 2016, 102nd Amendment Act, 2018, 103rd Amendment Act, 2019 and 104th Amendment Act, 2019. Enactment of Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 also included.
Updated with the latest case law, including M. Saddiq, (2020) 1 SCC 1(Ram Janmabhumi Temple case); Young Lawyers Assn., (2019) 11 SCC 1(Sabarimala case); Joseph Shine, (2019)3 SCC 39 (Adultery case); K.S. Puttaswamy (5J), (2019) 1 SCC 1 (Aadhaar case); Navtej Singh Johar, (2018) 7 SCC 192 (Decriminalisation of Consensual sex between same sex partners case); Common Cause, (2018) 5 SCC 1 (Euthanasia case); K.S. Puttaswamy (9J), (2017)10 SCC 1 (Privacy case); Shayara Bano, (2017) 9 SCC 1 (Triple Talaq case) Krishna Kumar Singh, (2017)3 SCC 1(Ordinances case) and SCORA, (2016) 5 SCC 1 (NJAC case).
This comprehensive work will prove to be immensely useful to students of LL B and LL M, researchers, academicians, lawyers, judges and all those who strive towards better understanding of the Constitution.
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