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Death Penalty for Rape and Murder in India

Death Penalty for Rape and Murder in India

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Author: Kush Kalra
Year: Dec 2020

Courts have an obligation while awarding punishment to impose appropriate punishment so as to respond to the society's crime for justice against such criminals. Public abhorrence of the crime needs a reflection through the court's verdict in the measure of punishment. The Courts must not only keep in view the rights of the criminal but also the rights of the victim of crime and the society at large while considering imposition of the appropriate punishment. Courts must hear the loud cry for justice by the society in cases of heinous crimes of rape on innocent helpless girls of tender years, and respond by imposition of proper sentence. Public abhorrence of the crime needs reflection through imposition of appropriate sentence by the Court.
The common man will lose faith in courts if proper punishment is not awarded. Such offenders (rapists) who are menace to the civilized society should be punished in the severest terms.
This book deals with landmark judgments of the Supreme Court and the High Courts regarding death penalty in cases of rape and murder. The beauty of this book is that it will be of good use to one and all, whether it is student, novice or a perfect professional.

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