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Draftsman (Civil and Criminal) in 2 vols

Draftsman (Civil and Criminal) in 2 vols

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Author: Sanjeev Sarkar
Year: 2023

With Model Drafts of

*Actionable Claims *Adoption *Advertisement *Advocate *Affidavits *Agreements *Apprentenship *Arbitration *Assignments *Bail *Banking Laws *Bond * Civil Procedure Code *Collaboration Agreement *Composition, Compromise, and Family Settlement *Consumer Protection Act 1986 *Contempt of Court *Copyright *Criminal Drafting *Debt Recovery *Designs *Dissolution of Muslim Marriage * Domestic Violence *Easement * Election Petition *Exchange *Franchise *Gifts *Guarantees *Hire Purchase *Hypotication *Indemnity *Indian Contract Act *Information Technology *Infrastructure Development *Lease and Lease Financing *Lok Adalat *Maintenance *Matrimonial Laws * Medical Termination * memorandum of Understanding *Mortage *Motor Vehicle *Muslim Law *NDPS *Negotiable Instruments *Notices *Official Legal Drafting *Partition *Partnership *Patent and Trademark *Public Interest Litigation *Power of Attorney *Pre-Conception *Promissory Note * Public Record *Railways *Receipts *Release Deed *Reliquishment Deed *Rent laws * Representation of People *Right to Information *Sales Agreemebnt *Securitisation *Shipping Documents *Sole Selling Agent *Specific Relief *Transfer of Property *Transplantation of Human Organs *Transport Documents *Trust *Wakf *Wills

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