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Evolution Of Privacy Form Turbulence To Triumph

Evolution Of Privacy Form Turbulence To Triumph

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Author: Saurabh Bindal

Year: 2022

Evolution of Privacy – From Turbulence to Triumph walks the reader through the path that right to privacy has traversed in India through the lens of judicial precedents. With the increasing focus on data privacy and protection and the entrenchment of social media and internet into the lives of individuals, it is crucial to understand how the concept of privacy has shaped since India’s independence. Having started its journey from a strict and narrow interpretation of what privacy constitutes for individuals, the entire gamut of rights that have over time been brought within the purview of the right to privacy has been dealt in detail in the book. The book explains several facets of the right to privacy, such as surveillance, bodily integrity of women, privacy and publications, interception of communications and medical information, to name a few. The role that the Supreme Court has played in interpreting privacy as an essential facet of the fundamental right to life and liberty is also highlighted in the book. The author has also included the key statutes wherein the right to privacy has been acknowledged.

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