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For The Better And For The Worse

For The Better And For The Worse

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Author : Justice S.D Dave

Year : 2020

Legislations have to be enacted, amended or repealed for catering to the needs of the changing society and the State.  It is for the State or the Executive to present the Legislature with proposals or bills. The responsibility of the State increases when it rules or governs colonies where there is a vacuum or the need for change. The British East India Company was required to have rules in the form of orders, regulations, resolutions and enactments in several areas to achieve this purpose. 

For the Better and for the Worse, a peep into the past, focuses on these areas to appreciate and analyse the legislative activity that took place during the colonial rule. It covers areas such as sati, female infanticide, child marriage, widow remarriage, salt, indigo, opium, labour, slavery, justice, trial, punishment and prisons. Readers would be the best judges to opine on the best and the worst of these provisions.

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