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Framing Of India's Constitution In 6 Volumes

Framing Of India's Constitution In 6 Volumes

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Edited:  B. Shiva Rao
Year: 2021

Vol. 1: Nationalist efforts at constitutionmaking and demand for a Constituent Assembly (18891939) Official acceptance of the demand and setting up of the Constitutent Assembly (19401947) Transfer of power Negotiations with Princely States.

Vol. 2: Settling the principles Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights, Minorities. etc.. Union and Provincial Constitution Committees. Union Powers Committee Memoranda and notes submitted to these Committees and their SubCommittees Proceedings, minutes and reports of the Committees and SubCommittees.

Vol. 3: Drafting of the Constitution First draft by Constitutional Adviser.October 1947 Drafting Committee's Minutes Draft Constitution prepared by Drafting Committe. February 1948.

Vol. 4:Comments and Suggestions on Draft Constitution More Minutes of Drafting Committee Proceedings of meetings of Drafting Committee with Provincial and Central Government representatives Drafting Committee's recommendations for further modifications of Draft Constitution.

STUDY VOLUME: This volume renders a lucid and straightforward account of the Assembly's progress through the clash of divergent views and interests that influenced the Constitution makers in confirming or revising earlier decisions. It examines in sober perspective the alterations made in successive drafts in important provisions of the Constitution.The revised edition brings the story uptodate by indepth analysis of Constitutional amendments 1st to 92nd and notes on developments during 1950-2004.

CONSTITUTION MAKING SINCE 1950 An Overview The other companion volume is entirely a new addition discussing the making of India's Constitution since 1950 upto 2004 by Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap. It also contains authentic texts of all the Constitutional Amendments and Constitution Commission and other reports.


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