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Human Dignity: A Purpose in Perpetuity

Human Dignity: A Purpose in Perpetuity

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Author: Dr Ashwani Kumar 
Year: 2020

The book is a by-product of the author’s studied reflections on some of the pressing issues of our time. A passionate appeal for freedom, dignity and justice, polished by a deep concern for sanctity of the Constitutional order is its defining distinction.
A candid critique of the infraction of human dignity reinforces the need to confront tyrannical power in the age of extremes. The author’s plea for a civilized political discourse anchored in moderation and idealism is a refreshing message of hope in a time of turmoil.

Contextually structured around topical issues, this book is about keeping faith with the promise of our national charter founded in human dignity and nurtured by institutions of liberal democracy. Its twenty scholarly chapters reflect Ashwani Kumar’s sensitivity and deep commitment to the core values that define the idea of India. The Book, says the author, “is a humble offering in the advancement of Human Dignity – a purpose in perpetuity”.

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