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International Humanitarian Law in India A Handbook

International Humanitarian Law in India A Handbook

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Author: Sanoj Rajan
Year: 2021

International Humanitarian Law in India: A Handbook is a one-stop tool for practitioners, scholars and researchers working on issues related to International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in India. It is a valuable reference for national and global policymakers, military authorities, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), international organizations including the United Nations, NGOs, academicians and students for varied purposes. A comprehensive study of the IHL practices in India, along with a detailed analysis of case laws and legislation, the book is a significant addition to the literature on IHL, especially in an Indian context. It makes a sound addition to the ongoing IHL dissemination efforts in India and neighbouring regions. International Humanitarian Law in India provides a simple but exhaustive introduction to and overview of IHL ensuring that all major areas are thoroughly covered. It presents a historical context of India’s complex relationship with IHL from ancient times through present-day implementation detailing relevant legislations. The book includes a summary of cases decided by Indian courts with clear relevance to IHL. Finally, it seeks to comprehend the IHL practices in India sourced from the Customary International Humanitarian Law Study published by the ICRC. The book also has a compendium of IHL resources— the IHL conventions India has ratified, Indian legislation relating to IHL and case laws referring to IHL decided by Indian courts—which serve as an easy reference for the readers.

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