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Interpreting Law with Mimamsa Sutras (Codified into Rules of Interpretation)

Interpreting Law with Mimamsa Sutras (Codified into Rules of Interpretation)

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Author: J K Verma

Year: 2022

The author has brought into focus the pioneering work on interpretation (Mîmâmsâ Sûtras  or Rules of Interpretation) produced more than 2500 years ago by rishi Jaiminî an example of wisdom par excellence. Mîmâmsâ runs into 2668 sûtras spread over 12 Chapters and  encompasses all interpretational  principles evolved in the West and much more.

These rules are ideally applicable to the entire ambit of legal interpretation – civil, criminal and statutory texts. Despite these qualities the Sûtras remained in oblivion, by and large till now because of it being in Sanskrit and voluminous.

However basing on the authentic English translation of the entire Mîmâmsâ text by Pandit Mohan Lal Sandal (originally published in 1923) now in public domain (on internet) the author has been able to codify the Sûtras into 109 Rules of interpretation.

It is hoped that this will reduce our dependence on Maxwell and others and substantively affect the quality of legal work having the benefit of our ancient thought process.


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