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Introduction to Labour and Industrial Laws I

Introduction to Labour and Industrial Laws I

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Author : Avtar Singh & Harpreet Kaur

Year: 2022

Labor & Industrial laws has been an integral subject in the legal curriculum. The course is being taught not only under three year and five-year law degree courses but also under human resource specialization of business administration degrees. For several decades, the reformation of the multiple labor laws into a unified set of codes had been a matter of discussion basis the reports submitted by the National Commission of Labor. Thus, the introduction of new codes has simplified the maze of existing labor laws. The present book provides a detailed insight to the new codes relevant for it which makes it an exciting new contribution to the field of labor law. This comprehensive book establishes an understanding of new codes along with the jurisprudential developments including judgments given under existing labor laws which continue to hold relevance even for the new codes.

The book has been duly updated, revised and divided into two parts. This book is a first of the two parts covering Industrial disputes, factories, trade unions, employee compensation, employment standing orders, child and contract labor, apprentices, and fatal accidents in 10 chapters. While labor laws relating to wages, gratuity, provident fund, maternity relief, and other social security laws will be covered in Part II. The book will be an essential starting point for students, professionals and academicians who hold deep interest in the subject.

Key Features:

  • Covers the latest Supreme Court Judgments
  • Provides an introduction of two labor codes namely, the Code on Occupational Safety, Health

and Working Conditions Code, 2020 and the Industrial Relations Code, 2020. explores judicial, scholarly, and theoretical approaches to general principles of statutory interpretation. This authoritative work gives a detailed overview of different rules of interpretation and will provide a valuable springboard for further research on the recent trend of shifting from literal to purposive interpretation of statutes. The book traces evolution of law through various Supreme Court and High Court judgments. It addresses those complexities and nuances of the subject, and its practical application relevant not only from a theoretical point of view but also in legal and judicial practice.

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