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Judges Of The High Courts Of India A Quantitive Study

Judges Of The High Courts Of India A Quantitive Study

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Author: K M Shajahan
Year : 2020

Judges constitute the most important component of the judicial system of any country. In India, Judges of the Supreme Court. the apex court in the country, have been subjected to detailed studies by various authors, Even though it is the High Courts which play a crucial role, in terms of the Constitution, in the judicial architecture of the country, the Judges of the High Courts have not been subjected to rigorous analysis. The book embarks on a qualitative analysis of the more than 600 Judges of these Courts, spread across the states of India. It answers questions regarding their age, caste, educational qualifications, areas of specialization, diversity in appointment and so on. This study also conducts an extensive analysis of more than 200 Collegium decisions of the Supreme Court so as to throw light on the appointment of Judges to the High Courts, across the country.


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