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Land And Real Estate Laws

Land And Real Estate Laws

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Author : Dr. Shaveta Gagneja

Year: 2022

Land And Real Estate Laws has been specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year L.L.B. coursre and adheres to the syllabus of all major universities. It extensively explores the evolution of land reform law and provides insight in to land acquisition, Delhi Rent Control, Real Estate Development, and Apartment ownership. Key Features:- 1) This book contains section-wise commentary of LARR Act, 2013 RERA 2016 DRC Act, 1958 & Delhi Apartment Ownership Act, 1986 and explains the legal concepts with clarity. 2) Significant judicial developments have been updated. 3) Each part is divided into heading and sub-headings for the understanding of readers 4) This book is helpful for law students pursuing law course at different law schools, universities and institutions, enabling them to understand the subject of 'Land Laws'

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