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Law Relating To Powers Of Attorney

Law Relating To Powers Of Attorney

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Author:  S Parameswaran

Year: 2022

S. Parameswaran Law Relating to Powers of Attorney” is the most authoritative work on the subject, containing exhaustive section-wise Commentary on the Powers-of-Attorney Act, 1882 as amended by the Powers-of-Attorney (Amendment) Act, 1982, and the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019, along with legislative history, notes, comments, and important judicial pronouncements.

Key Features: 

  Status and Authority of Powers-of-Attorney under the Powers-of-Attorney Act, 1882 and various Related Laws, e.g., Civil, Contractual, Commercial, Company, Corporate, Business, Properties, Stamp Duty, eStamping, Registration, Evidence, Criminal, Banking, Arbitration, Taxation, Company, Litigations, Suits & Proceedings on Powers-of-Attorney (PoA), etc., is also fully dealt with in various Chapters

  Contains over 135 Specimen or Model Forms of Powers-of-Attorney (PoA), Vakalatnamas or Memorandum of Appearance in Suits and Litigation in Courts, eCourts, Tribunals & Other Forums

  This authoritative and practical handbook is an indispensable practice guide of immense help for Powers-of-Attorneys, Barristers, Attorneys, Solicitors, Recognized Agents, Pleaders, Advocates, Lawyers, Counsels, Vakils, Legal Practitioners, Advisors, Property & Real Estate Consultants & Developers, Authorised Representatives (ARs), Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, the Courts, the Tribunals, Bench and the bar Companies, Mercantile community, Litigants, the lay and all concerned with this subject

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