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McGregor on Damages

McGregor on Damages

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Indian Reprint 2022

A primary reference tool on the general principles and the particular aspects of common law damages, McGregor on Damages is still the leading authority on damages and has been for over 50 years. Part of the Common Law Library McGregor on Damages provides in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the law, from detailed consideration of the general principles to a full analysis of specific areas of damages. Features: Provides comprehensive coverage of the law of damages, from detailed consideration of the general principles to specific heads of damages Clarifies complex areas such as loss of a chance, mitigation, causation and exemplary damages Explains difficult and rapidly developing heads of damages such as licence fee damages, vindicatory damages, and damages that permit disgorgement of a defendant's profits Examines such issues as periodical payments and interest on damages Goes through statement of case, the trial and appeals Considers damages in relation to particular contracts, torts and human rights such as below: Contracts.......

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