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My Life-Years at the Bar, Bench and in Kashmir Politics

My Life-Years at the Bar, Bench and in Kashmir Politics

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Author: D D Thakur
Year: 2017

The book traces the eventful life of D.D. Thakur that began in the backwoods of what was a princely state of Jammu & Kashmir in northern India. It chronicles the events that culminated in Pak-occupation of a part of the state territory followed by accession to India and the emergence of popular rule in the state. It describes the stages through which democracy and democratic institutions in the state passed. It gives a ringside view of the political developments in the state post-Independence, especially the Kashmir Accord between Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Abdullah and its political fallout. At the national level, the author’s interaction with the leaders of the post-independence era, events and anecdotes connected with them provides an insight into the contemporary political thought and compulsions. He describes the events that led to Farooq Abdullah’s rise and fall in Kashmir politics and the circumstances that resulted in his dismissal in 1984, leading to the split of the National Conference and installation of the GM Shah-led ministry. The latter part of the book focuses on the author’s tenure as Governor of the troubled state of Assam and the secessionist activities in that region. His understanding of the nature and magnitude of the problem brings to public domain considerable information that was hitherto unknown. In this book, he shares diverse facts not only about his life but also about the people he met and matters he had an opportunity to handle during his chequered career.

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