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Parents At War Custody Battles In Indian Courts

Parents At War Custody Battles In Indian Courts

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Author: Poonam A. Bamba

Year: 2021

Parents at War shares real-life stories of children caught up in the warfare between litigating parents, bringing to the fore the plight of children who bear the brunt of such contests and undergo deep trauma due to parental bickering and tug of war. The book also shares the predicament the judges face while balancing delicately the interests of all the stakeholders and ensuring the welfare of children. It brings to light how unknowingly, the parents, in their zeal to win custody, scar the children forever. Children not only suffer psychological trauma, but also have physical manifestations like stunted growth, obesity, nausea, aches and pain etc. Whether the mother lands the custody or the father, there is no winner here because it is the child who loses on love, affection, and care of a parent and also the extended family. The book also touches upon the issue of insincere custody litigation with hidden agenda.

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