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Patent Law Cases And Materials A Synthesis For India

Patent Law Cases And Materials A Synthesis For India

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Author: Adarsh Ramanujan

Year: 2021

Patent Law Cases and Materials is a no-nonsense, no-rhetoric book focussing on the law, its interpretation and application.The casebook format suits practitioners and judges. It allows every reader to independently interpret and assess the implication of each case law, which forms a vital component of the practice of law. Even from an academic perspective, it provides an unfiltered view of the law, better than any unnecessary prose.

For each topic of patent law, the book provides a single-point congregation of the relevant Indian provisions and extracts from relevant case laws across India, the UK, the EU and the USA. This approach is ideal for India, where jurisprudence on the subject is limited. Courts, practitioners and the Patent Office often resort to such a comparative approach to learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions.


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