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REAL ESTATE - The Good, The Bad & The Unanswered

REAL ESTATE - The Good, The Bad & The Unanswered

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Year: 2022

Author: Deepesh Salgia

CEOs worldwide are largely products of B-schools. Yet, while the curriculum in a typical B-school would include case studies on sectors as diverse as Automobiles, Agrochemicals, Steel, Software, Manufacturing, Mining and more, rarely does it have case studies on Real Estate—often tagged as a domain of ‘dubious distinction’. While published research in Indian Real Estate is largely restricted to being just informative, analytical research is minimal and strategic research almost negligible.

Set in the fictional Pinnacle Institute of Management, a B-school in Mumbai, Deepesh Salgia’s debut offering, Real Estate: The Good, The Bad & The Unanswered, artfully blends fact with fiction to narrate 125 years of the history of Real Estate in India. Through diverse formats ranging from dialogue, debates, discourses, Q&As, analyses and blogs, Salgia presents a well-researched ‘biography’ of Real Estate in India, and its future for the next 25 years. A must-read for all.

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