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Rethinking Palkhivala - Centenary Commemorative Volume

Rethinking Palkhivala - Centenary Commemorative Volume

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Author: Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar 
Year: 2021

Rethinking Palkhivala – Centenary Commemorative Volume has been conceptualised under the guidance of its Editor, Major General Nilendra Kumar, with the aim to celebrate the legend Nani A Palkhivala and his legacy & lessons for the next century. This volume chronicles the year-long Birth Centenary Celebrations organized by Lex Consilium Foundation in honour of the late Mr Palkhivala. Through the lectures, panel discussions, debates, quizzes, and articles comprising this volume, readers will find that the words and thoughts of Mr Palkhivala are still relevant and provide guidance on the myriad contemporary issues and topics covered. This volume also aims to explore the diverse roles that Mr Palkhivala has played and his lasting impact on the landscape of Indian polity as a lawyer, an activist, a diplomat, and a jurist. The influence that Mr Palkhivala has had on the Indian Constitution through his interpretative skills, especially the Basic Structure Doctrine has left an indelible mark on the political and legal fabric of this country.

The anecdotes and personal experiences shared by the contributors through the events that were organized as part of the Birth Centenary Celebrations are also included in this volume and will reveal the person Nani Palkhivala beyond his public image. This volume will be of value to law practitioners, tax professionals, judges, jurists, diplomats, academicians, policy makers, students of law and any person inclined to read about the Indian constitution.

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