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Right To Privacy - Arguing For The People

Right To Privacy - Arguing For The People

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Author: Vivek Sood

Year: 2021

Right to Privacy addresses thought-provoking issues concerning this right. While the right to privacy has been elevated to the status of a fundamental right by the Apex Court, how does it really affect the lives of the people especially in the virtual world? Do we the people realistically enjoy informational privacy while surfing the Internet? Is our privacy protected while we use social media or when we shop online? What are the risks to our privacy from the Aadhaar card? Can the Orwellian Big Brother State watch and profile us citizens in future? How does the Toolkit controversy between the BJP and Congress affect our privacy? How do the Intermediary Rules, 2021, violate our privacy? Do citizens have the right to enjoy sexually explicit material in their private domains? With the Supreme Court recognizing gay sex and adultery as a part of the right to privacy, why shouldn’t it extend to paid sex in the private space? In addressing these issues, Vivek Sood has argued for the people of India.

Vivek Sood is amongst the leading Senior Counsels in India. He is well known for getting engaged in complex legal briefs in diverse branches of law including constitutional, commercial and criminal laws. He has written extensively on cybercrime, electronic evidence, immunity to Internet intermediaries, electronic contracts, taxation of Internet entities, intellectual property rights in the virtual world, arbitration and insolvency law among other topics.


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