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Shorter Constitution of India in 2 vols

Shorter Constitution of India in 2 vols

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Author : D D Basu
Year: 2021

Great Author, Shri Durga Das Basu has left a legacy of Constitutionalism in India and his work, "Shorter Constitution of India" in two Volumes is a quintessential commentary on the Constitution of India, which finds its presence, without exaggeration, in almost every lawyers’ and judges’ office, as also in known libraries. It is a classic text regularly revised and comprehensively updated with leading Case Laws on the subject, both by the Supreme Court and various High Courts. The Revised Edition will be immensely useful for the Judges, Lawyers, Scholars, Professionals, Teachers, the Authorities in Governance, Students, Policy makers and all those who are interested in knowing the latest developments pertaining to the Constitutional law in India. This two-volume treatise titled, “Shorter Constitution of India” would greatly assist all those who are connected with practice, study and application of Constitutional Law, in keeping themselves abreast with the judicial precedents as well as in refreshing their legal acumen with principles and concepts of Constitutional law.

Key Features:

  • Provides for comprehensive theory and in-depth knowledge on the subject of Constitutional Law.
  • Quoted as reference in over 100 HC judgments dating back to 1958.
  • For easy navigation the book contains detailed table of cases, contents and subject index.
  • All notable decisions of Supreme Court and changes made via various amending acts has been effectively captured.
  • Quoted as reference in multiple SC judgments. E.g. Secretary, State of Karnataka and Ors vs Umadevi and Ors
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