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Supreme Court on International Law

Supreme Court on International Law

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Author: Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik

Year: 2022

This one-volume detailed Digest on the subject of International Law is a complementary source for the entire case-law on the subject, from 1950 till date* as laid down by the Supreme Court. A great deal of the subject matter covered under International Law overlaps with the case law digested in Supreme Court on Human and Civil Rights -- the two works are complementary in nature.

The Digest has been conceived and planned on the time-tested SCC index system to enable the discovery of all the rulings, easily and quickly. Case-law has been digested under important topic headings like Principles, Concepts, and Doctrines; Law of Treaties/Agreements/Conventions; International Law vis-à-vis Municipal Law; Conflict of Laws/Law Related to Aliens/Foreign Nationals/Private International Law; International Criminal Law; International Environmental Law; International Humanitarian Law; Legal Framework on Intellectual Property Rights; Maritime Laws/Law of the Sea; International Trade and Tax Law; and forty-nine important governing Statutes/Conventions/Treaties/Agreements, etc.

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