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Taking Bail Seriously - The State of Bail Jurisprudence in India

Taking Bail Seriously - The State of Bail Jurisprudence in India

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Author : Salman Khurshid, Siddharth Luthra, Lokendra Malik & Shruti Bedi
Year: 2019

The book is a comprehensive and illustrative work on the Bail jurisprudence that explains the provisions of the law in a lucid, comprehensive and systematic manner. The work is a sincere attempt to present the actual state of bail jurisprudence in the country in the light of recent judicial and constitutional developments. Many important issues pertaining to bail such bail by police, bail by magistrate, regular bail, anticipatory bail, transit bail, cancellation of bail, default bail, constitutional jurisprudence relating to bail etc. have been covered by the learned contributors in this volume. It is a standard reference for Judges, lawyers, In house Counsels, Law firms, students, law professors, researchers and scholars.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive study on the various aspects of law on Bail.
  • Up to date with all the major judicial and legislative developments that has taken place in this field of law
  • All-important judicial pronouncements have been incorporated.
  • Adopts a lucid and analytical approach.
  • Each chapter has been authored by different learned contributors

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