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Textbook On Women And Child Related Laws

Textbook On Women And Child Related Laws

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Author: Dr. Nuzhat Parveen Khan

Year: 2020

This book is a well-researched and systematically organized study of the law relating to women and children. Written topic-wise to make the study meaningful and comprehensive, it critically reexamines the current theory, law, policy and practice of women and child rights and the potential for more women and child sensitive globalization.

This work is a compilation of nine insightful chapters. The First Part of the book, comprising five chapters, examines a range of concerns such as domestic violence, employment and labour, antidiscrimination jurisprudence, family laws, property rights, the right to health, the complexities in the inter-section of women’s rights with disability rights and women’s experiences of repressive legislations. The Second Part, ranging from chapters 6 to 9, deals with different issues relating to children, especially from the marginalised sections of society, the rights available to them under the Constitution and the various laws enacted to implement the same.

Key Features:
Critical exposition of the current theory, law, policy and practice of women and child rights.
Focuses on the developments made in the law relating to women and children.
Contains nine insightful chapters, divided into two Parts. The first Part deals with the law relating to women, and the second Part pertains to issues relating to children.
Attempts a fresh mapping of the field of women and law from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Aims to sensitise those who deal with children and are part of the mechanism, which is responsible for their welfare.
Critical appraisal of the judgments of Indian Courts that have led to a change and development in law.
Essential reference text for the LL.B. course as well as gender and law and feminist jurisprudence. This work can also serve as an undergraduate or graduate textbook for women’s studies or other related interdisciplinary fields.

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